State Contributor Lists

When fundraising is the objective, give yourself the advantage of working with superior lists of proven givers. Our databases consist of contributors to political Target Your Contributors - Free Analysis Providedcandidates, parties and PAC’s (individuals and corporations as reported to the Secretary of State’s office).

Contributor File Enhancements

Every name has been checked for accuracy against the state’s registered voter list and against the United States Postal Service’s address deliverability files. This unique process improves the accuracy of the data and provides the following additional information, which is not included with state reports:  

Employer Party Affiliation Income Contribution History
Home Owner Political District Age Telephone Number
Home Value Occupation Gender  Postal Carrier-Route

These enhancements help reduce mailing costs, while increasing response rates, and allow your organization to target specific contributor groups. The result is cost effective fundraising.

To order a custom list, from any of the following states, contact your AmeriCan GOTV List representative today by clicking here, or call 866.633.GOTV (4688).

Get started on your fundraising drive today! In fact, get a head start with a “focused” fundraising list from AmeriCan GOTV Contributor Lists.

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