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All too often, you get what you pay for - State data is no exception.  Because for most of us, updating our voter registration is not a priority until days before an election, State data can be as much as 25% inaccurate.  These inaccuracies can waste large sums of money (represented by undelivered mail) and inflict heavy damage, failing to deliver your candidate ID and message at the most critical stage of your campaign.  In addition, State files contain few reliable phone numbers, email addresses, and / or census data.

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Voter Data Specifications
    AmeriCan GOTV Voter Lists can supply the complete registered voter list for most US districts ...
Voter Data Enhancements
    AmeriCan GOTV Voter Lists are groomed, updated, and verified for accuracy and enhanced with literally dozens of additional ...
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Voter Lists Pricing Information
    AmeriCan GOTV Voter Lists are based on two criteria - the cost of targeting and the number of records in your targeted group ...
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