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Our registered voter contact management software enables the opportunity to create and manage a database of the registered voters in the district, including addresses, phone numbers, vote history, geopolitical information, etc.  The software will enable the campaign to identiy prospects for support and improve the opportunity to develop a realistic strategy to increase the candidate’s support.  Our enhanced registered voter data can be easily imported and updated by phone banks and precinct walks. Voter data can be analyzed efficiently with the powerful, self-contained, query and reporting functions found within the program, including phone bank reports and walk sheets.

Click on the icon to download your free copy of our 30 Day trial version of Campaign Optimizer.  See for yourself how powerful this voter management tool can be.

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Now Available in a Web Based Application

Campaign Optimizer - Voter List Management Software
    Campaign Optimizer - Voter Contact Management Software - Sample Voter Record
Voter List Management Software Pricing
    Campaign Optimizer - Voter Contact Management Software - Pricing
30 Day Trial Version
    Campaign Optimizer - Voter Contact Management Software - 30 Day Trial Version
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