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Voter Lists Pricing Information

AmeriCan GOTV Voter Lists are designed to allow users to access voter files (enhanced registered voter data) at the lowest costs possible. Please note that there may be a charge associated with the identification of the records that will best meet your needs.

Data charges based on delivered records by District

  • A District Delivery of under 12,000 registered voter records* 
    Due to the production cost of sourcing the voter records and preparing them for delivery, we charge a minimum of 500.00 per delivery of any record set of less than 12,000 records.
  • A District Delivery of 12,000 or more registered voter records*
    Any number of records purchased in excess of 12,000 records will be charged at $30 per 1000 records. Record numbers will be rounded up to the nearest 1m.

When a list selection does not produce the minimum number of required records (12,000), we will charge the client the minimum record processing charge of 500.00. A count and cost will be provided to the client prior to commitment. Please submit your target to us and get your Free District Analysis.

Targeted groups of voter records are available. An additional charge will apply to set up this targeted export. Please contact AmeriCan GOTV Voter List to quote your needs.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, or American Express, or check on approved account status. Once approved, your file will be immediately downloaded to your computer. If you have any questions, or require more specific information, clicking here, or call 866.633.GOTV (4688).


  • NH at $100 per thousand
  • Polling Samples -- Random and Cluster -- are priced by record range as follows:

    Number of Records


    1 - 25,000


    25,001 - 60,000


    60,001 or more

    $.035 / record

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